Stalevo 50


My husband is on sinemet he felt he needed a bit more so he contacted nurse specialist , she has spoke  to the consultant and they want him to go on stalevo 50 has any one any experience of these meds ,just hope they will be ok x



Hi Jo h,

Stalevo (50=50mg levodopa) is a three in one tablet. the three ingredients are levodopa, (50mg) carbidopa (12.5mg) and entacapone (200mg). As you can see the first two are the same as in the Sinemet your husband's been taking. So in essence Stalevo is Sinemet with Entacapone added. Entacapone increases/enhances the effectiveness of the levodopa, it prolongs the period levodopa will work. This is helpful as Levodopa is a short acting drug. It makes sense not to increase the levodopa at this early stage, Eventually the increase  will happen of course , but this will be very gradual I hope, so your husband could get many good years.

Entacapone has, like any drug of course, its own side effects, but  a lot of people find these acceptable.


Thank you Kate for your reply he has tried requip and had severe side effects with it , hope he's ok with this always a bit wary when they change meds I hope he's ok with it .  My husband seems to be ok on the sinemet just needed a bit more hopefully he will get back to work . Will keep you informed fingers crossed x



My husband tried Stalevo but it did not suit him unfortunately.  He experienced palpatations but he has had angina.We wondered afterwards whether that was considered at the time.  He is now on ropinorole and apomorphine which suits him better. My husband used to take sinemet plus but is now on sinemet CR.  

It is hard when you try new medication, not being sure if things will improve etc. My husband now asks them to check if there are any contra indications with other medication just to be sure that has been considered.