Stalevo and Sinemet together


can we take Stalevo 50/12.5/200 stalevo tablet with a quarter sinemet?

so that over all ldopa would be 75..?

Stalevo 100/25/200 is causing dyskinsea and 50/12.5/200 is too less..?

we tried stalevo and sinemet combination, works well but wanted to know ig there are any issues with that..

Stalevo comes in three different dosages: 50/12,5/200 and 100/25/200, and 150/50/200 , these numbers represent the three components of the drug: first levodopa, second carbidopa, third entacapone. As you see the entacapone component is always 200mg per pill . The Entacapone part is the only way Stalevo tablets differ from Sinemet tablets. As you find that Stalevo 100(100mg levodopa) is too high a dose, there is no reason why you cannot add Sinemet to Stalevo 50(50mg) to obtain an in-between dose. However, you mention quarter tablet Sinemet giving you 25 mg levodopa. From this I gather you mean Sinemet plus (100/25). To divide these tablets into four must be very difficult! Plain Sinemet (50/12,5)is scored in the middle and is easier to split for this purpose. I find Sinemet on the whole pretty fragile tablets to break evenly into halves.
thanks a lot for your reply..
There is now a new dose of stalevo its 75/18.75/200 might be worth a try although didnt work for me.
Can you tell me please how much Stalevo is being taken a day. My husband is taking 3 Stalevo 150 each day (9am-2pm-7pm) with one half a tab of carbidopa 25/Levodopa100 (sinemet?) with his Aricept in the morning. He is starting to shake more and I feel he will need more Stelevo.
Thank you for any comments.
The maximum daily dose of Stalevo 150 is 8 tablets a day, because of the recommended maximum amount of (one of the threee components) Entacapone(1600mg)this would give you. Any increase of any PD drugs should be followwing the golden rule: go low, go slow. Just enough medication to make the patient function to their satisfaction/comfort level.
I currently take 200mg stalevo four times a day, although my shakes do return about 2 hours aafter taking the meds. Told my Neuro this last week but he didn't seem too bothered and didn't alter medication. Bet he would do something about it if he was shaking so much sometimes that he couldn't fall asleep!! It really does upset me when the Neuro ignores what the pwp say.

Hello fellow parkinsonians, ive been on Stalevo / Sinemet thats Stalevo 100/25/200 8 times a day with a 1/2 a Sinemet 10/100 also 8 times a day.........a few years now , thats close to 10 years, started on taking 6 times a day which was 4 hour fix and then gradually upto the current 8 a day but only lasting 2 hours before i need my fix as i call it lol..........just wondering whats next in the doseage calendar for me ?? an increase in stalevo or a change of medication....i was first diagnosed when i was 32 in now 50 just thinking if anyone else is on same or similar meds and pathway to myself ??

take care & be safe
Hugh aka welshbearuk