`Hi every body.
I was wondering whether of you have experience of changing your medication from sinemet to stalevo. At my last visit to the neurologist he suggested that I change from sinemet to stalevo as this should give more "0n time". I agreed and started taking the stalevo in mid November. At first it seemed to be doing what I wanted - it gave mew more "on time" and apart from some nausea I was reasonably happy.

However since Christmas things have gone downhill rapidly. I have had several severe panic attacks, two were bad enough to call an ambulance. I find I am getting a maximum of 3 hours "on time". I have had to increase the dose of the stalevo from 3 x 150g to 5x 150mg (my neurologist suggested I could go up to 200mg tablets)

I was wondering if anybody else has had a similar problem, not just with stalevo but with any of the many drugs available to us.
Thank you.
I am having similar problems so I have tagged myself to this thread. Sometimes meds work, sometimes they dont. What factors lead to a good day?
Here are my meds:-
half sinemet cr
3 stalevo 50
1 stalevo 75
3 x ropinirole 5mg
1 x sinemet cr

Can anybody suggest what are best timings for these - I haven't got timing right even though neurologist helped by suggesting timetable.
Should they be taken with food/without food/before/after food. How long a gap between meds and food?
How much water should I drink with them?
How much water should I drink in a day?
Instead of water does squash count?
What food/drinks don't help pwp?
Answers gladly received and considered.
I am regularly 'off' from about 2pm for the rest of the day.
Occasionally, I have a really good day.

Thanks in anticipation.
half sinemet cr
3 stalevo 50
1 stalevo 75
3 x ropinirole 5mg
1 x sinemet cr

Hi Lin
the following is[u] entirely my personal opin[/u]ion and assuming stalevo performs similarly to madopar.
i take it the cr are for night time? i would take the big one at bedtime and the little one if you wake up during the night.
the day time ones should work best without protein, especially breakfast and lunch. perhaps lunchtime protein is interfering with your afternoon? try to keep protein till evening or have quick digesting protein at lunchtime - eg fish.
personally i think a big boost in the morning is good so i'd have the 75 first, half an hour before breakfast at least. then the others as between meals as possible.
is the ropinerole slow release? if not why not! i found non-slow release gives big ups and down. food not relevant with slow, with food otherwise as it will then be between the ldopa.
lots of water with ldopa. some swear with fizzy. not sure bout real fruit juice.
coke quite good. a bit of chocolate can help a lot!

hope this helps. surprised you're not on bigger doses considering how long you have been diagnose.
have you told your neuro about the anxiety attacks? or pd nurse etc?
the extra ingredient in stalevo in entacapone and the side effects include
agitation and anxiety.
Thanks turnip, you are a treasure.
I am still on low doses because I keep it that way - perhaps I think I am keeping my options open and save taking more until later when I stop being optimistic and stop fighting this condition.

Pat on the back for you -you put my med taking in exactly the order it is now.
I am going to see the PD nurse next week for her opinion/suggestions.

My next little problem is posted in Creative Corner!!

golly gosh - a treasure. Not as in the nappy brand i hope (vulgar emoticon).

one tweak might be to concentrate the DAs around the afternoon evening period rather than spreading them equally - they are not affected by protein (as far as i know)but dont last as long as it says on the label.
An MAO_B inhibitor might make things last longer to. Mind you i've just stopped mine as its going to make all my teeth fall out.

in danger of becoming an annoying treasure (quite at the back!)
b*gger the teeth - the mao-b inhibitor makes a huge difference (in my case selegiline) i'd prefer dentures to madopar not working.
i think it actually more use when on small-mdeium ldopa than at the early stages.
I have Seresta tranquilliser for panic or anxiety attacks, take only half or quarter occasionally and it has helped me alot. GP in France prescribed them. GP in UK was good but never suggested them.

GP in France has prescribed me Seresta (tranquilliser) for anxiety attacks. I only take a half of a quarter occasionally but they have helped alot. GP in UK never suggested them. Good to have for an emergency.
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