I take stalevo 100mg x 5 daily at 3hrly intervals.  Just recently the last dose fails to kick in. Does anyone else experience this?


Hi goldie

What tiime do you Take your last stalevo and do you take it on an empty stomach.


I now take Stalevo 125 x4 daily. My last is at bedtime. Would this be better earlier in the evening?



Try eating something sweet like fruit or a mars bar and /or a small cup of very strong coffee or a caffeine drink (red bull etc)

My rule of thumb is; empty stomach eat; full stomach drink.

if this doesnt work then it could be due to one of the following

Lack of sleep / exhaustion

A problem with the gut

you have an illness


Or it could be just one of those things eg a duff pill

I find it better to be flexible with my pill taking ie the times I take them are not cast n stone if I am wearing off sooner I take a pill earlier; If im doing well I take it later.

Medication for night time is not well catered for with pd but in my view can be essential for better sleep.

Stalevo before bed may have you buzzing. Ive found that a controlled release Half Sinemet (not a sinemet cut in half) is good as it allows the natural movement  that occurs during sleep.