My mum has been on Stalevo 125 for about 5 years now (in combination with Rasigiline 1mg, Madopar dispersible and Half Sinemet at night)... 2 weeks ago she switch over to Sinemet to replace the stalevo as we noticed some behavioural changes whilst on Stalevo. For years we have noticed that has become worrying anxious and depressed with the medication, this is coupled with the need for non stop talking (which I have read can be a PD symptom).

Once the Stalevo was stopped, she became very calm and less anxious and we were able to hold a normal conversation without any frustration. The only problem was that Sinemet did not improve her motor symptoms enough. So she was switched back to Stalevo, along with the unwelcome side effects of increased anxiety etc.

Has anyone else suffered with this issue?