Stanek medication not available

Hi I just wondered if anyone else has found that Stanek no longer seems available. I put my monthly prescription into my chemist and on collection they reported that they were unable to source any. .. as I seemed to have sufficient at home to cover a wait I wasn't to concerned. However yesterday my GP called to sat that it has not been possible to obtain this so she has changed it to Sastravi.

I so hate med changes because of its impact never been a good process for me in fact anytime I have needed to because of unavailability it has knocked me off for weeks.

Have phoned PD nurse waiting return call.....any advice or experience greatly welcomed

That's puzzling.  About six weeks ago I was switched from Sastravi to Stanek, because Sastravi was unavailable and the pharmacist did not know when it would be.

Anyway, the change in medication was very boring and I could not tell the difference.

Well, they are the same thing, after all. You wouldn’t expect any difference. Bit like Bells and Johnnie Walker - both work the same.

When I was switched from Stalevo to Sastravi, I could definitely tell the difference.  Sastravi did not last as long as Stalevo.  It was like changing from Highland Park to Teachers.