Start of the day

Hi All

Well here we are another week beginning.
Another day of being stiff and sore.
Another day of eyes closing.
Another day of being inside as can’t go out alone as will most likely to have yet another fall.
Another day off staggering about the house.
Sounds grim eh just like all of youwith parkinsons.
Hey ho…I’m alive I’m here and will make the most of it.
With a smile on my face I will make the most of my day. I used to read a lot and have ģiven it up because of my eyes.
Im going to put my music on which keeps me going.
I am due to go through a big operation onmy

back and really worried about it.
I will enjoy today and make the most of it.
So just think I’m here and want to be happy.
This ______ Parkinsons keeps trying to take over me and I’m.not going to let it.

I know in have rambled on but hope you get the picture.

We are here for a good time not a long time.!!!

Babs x x x


What’s the point in posting on here as no one seems to read your posts.
I tend to think that most people on here only really care about themselves.
Not anyone appears to want just to talk.
Even when some on writes a poem and you comment on it you still don’t get a reply
.it appears more to be a competition .

Iits a sad day when no one wants to talk.


Hi Babs,
I know it can be frustrating at times, when replies are not forthcoming.
I personally read all your postings and like them a lot.
When I wrote that spoof answer and reply piece earlier in the month, I was alluding to the lack of replies. I now realise that it doesn’t matter much, and keep doing what you want to do. A lot of people read Forum postings but don’t reply
Julian x

Hi Babs
I am a relatively new member so am still feeling my way a bit and am usually too wary to post much but I just wanted to agree with someone else’s reply on another thread that I find you a real inspiration and I only wish I could always be as positive as you seem to be.

I would never dare to contribute a poem either!

Hi all .
I try and visit many diffrent forums , but i like the poet page most
Right now its 2am and another night im having trouble going to sleep
I think thats when i write best

If i get replies its nice , but just knowing someone has read them makes me feel good
At times i still have trouble with speech and mobility i tend to fall more going up stairs than down
When i go for a walk and if i walk faster than i should i spend more time on my ass
I dont care if people stare but gratefull when someone lends a hand
I accept with thanks and gratitude

I read all posts i can but dont always reply simply for i dont know what to say and do not wish to offend,
But if its a post i can reply to i do but sometimes humour isnt enough