Starting a business

H & A = HELP and ADVICE....

Hi all,

Brief intro, i'm 39, diagnosed with PD at 35, (lucky me, eh?)
Carried on working, til about 6 months ago, employer very understanding, but being in the public domain, making up excuses and being accused of being "under the influence" well it all got to the point of knock it on the head, enjoy some life while i can.
Anyway here i am, crossroads, benefits or other. Well i thought i'd try the other first. That is starting my own on-line business, so folks, any and i mean ANY advice you've got, please reply. I know out in this community we have many people all from varying backgrounds, so drop me a line, stories, tips, experiences and help.
I'm not going to mention my business, as i'm not here to advertise. Where i am at the moment....Business plan done, business bank account sorted, website ok but in process of updating, stock sourced, suppliers sourced.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Hello Alfie,

You seem to have done your homework. I have no advise to offer you but I will wish you all the very best for you new business adventure. Well done you.
Alfie I would just like to wish you well in your venture hope it is a success. Well done :smile: