I have noticed over the last six months that I startle easily, particularly to noise, and that there seems to be a reflex reaction - I scream. This was particularly a problem over the summer when a door alarm in our building went made and at irregular intervals, but about three or four times an hour it went off directly outside my (open) office door. This was rather trying for me, and I dare say even more so to my colleagues who had not only the annoyance of the alarm but of my scream as well.

So they have (almost) fixed the alarm - about two or three times a day now - but it seems that I have become more easily startled - even a knock on the door makes me jump and (sometimes) scream. Good reason to keep the door open, although not the only one.

Anybody else have this problem? (Well, I hope you don't have a hyperactive alarm outside your door.) Any suggestions?
Hello Stickless

I have noticed I dislike noisy public places more and more eg hate travelling on the tube.
The door bell and the telephone make me jump, but sorry I don't have any solutions to offer
hi stickless, i am exactly the same i thought it was just me but i am more sensative to loud noises and people can easily startle me, it must be the pd i think, sue.
Interesting post - my daughter keeps telling me I 'over react' to loud noises, knocks and people bumping in to me. I feel it as a sort of delayed reaction - bit like thoss old satellite tv interviews with the time lag.
Always assumed it was just me - never been able to play tennis or anything like that as by the time i've worked out how to hit the ball it's long gone.
As my PD has got worse found reaction times got worse as well, always hurting myself with tools, drop something and cant't catch it etc.
Bonfire night was awful - really jumpy with loud bangs and all twitchy with anticipation of next one. Normally love fireworks but glad its over now. Doesn't help when going through a bad patch at same time and lost most of Sunday and had to come home from work yesterday (first sick day in about 5 years).
Don't know how I'm going to deal with this as it goes downhll more hate it hat e it hate it
Exactly the same with my husband. "Jump up" very easily at noises. I suppose because the nervous system is already challenged. What do you think?

All the comments seem to be re: Parkinson's; nobody give them re: Parkinson's dementia (unless I did not notice them) I would benefit from those comments too.
Anyone with this effect of Parkinson's?

Thank you for any answer!
ropinirole (requip) may be the culprit in some cases
in other words DAs can make you jumpy. i was very jumpy when on a high dose of requip but now it has gone away.

see also
My husband is startled very easily . He keeps coplaining that I am slamming the kitchen doors . If I accidently knock him he makes a fuss and says I have hurt him when and I know I couldnt have he has become so sensitive .fragile ..

I have read that that this is another of the many symptons
Yep - that's me too!

My mobile phone has a low tinkling sound when I get a text. It makes me jump every time if I'm anywhere near it. It caused me to spill tea on my keyboard last week but I'm still typing.

I have also wondered if this is made worse by ropinirole.
I used to have terrible starle when I was on an apomorphine pump. I couldnt carry a drink without throwing it all over me so I plumped for a cup with a lid . I suspect it was probably the meds I was on as I dont suffer from startle nearly as much since having DBS surgery.:grin:
I don't think its any of the meds .. My husband always over reacted (Well it's what I thought at that time ) before he was even diagnosed . At one time when he asked me to show him how to iron he didn't have a clue . I use to tease him that he was mechanically dislexic , He gets alarmed now at the simplest things .
Yeah, me too! Crowds and noisy places...causes freeze up and agitation...not good!
I was so startled at the end of Men In Black (when the big monster appears at the end), that I upended a can of American Cream Soda all over Mrs Eck, much to her great chagrin.

The opposite happened while I was watching RoboCop. I upended a bottle Budweiser all over Mrs Eck when I fell sleep.
Also don't watch 'Ghost Ship' while eating spagbol with a glass of red wine.

We had to redecorate.
My husband is the same. Jumps out of his skin when I cough. He doesn't like crowds, gets very anxious and he also gets very emotional now.
Hello all. Startle made me smile. My husband has PD and he has had a very rough year with various illnesses, hospitals ( concerning relatives) and a bereavement where he was the executor. All this has had an enormous impact on his own health and yes, he does startle very easily.
BUT, his startle doesn't even compare with my startle when he sees cats sitting by the pond looking at his precious fish. He moves so quickly and bellows at the cat.
This is not good for him first thing in the morning or any other time come to that. It is definitely not good for me, or any neighbours within earshot! flo

I have the same problem with loud noises I’m going to my daughter’s wedding and there’s going to be music people and I’m not sure how the heck I’m going to handle that