Static Electricity

Does anybody else generate static electricity. I can’t seem to do anything at the moment without getting zapped off something round the house. When I got out of bed this morning, the quilt was full of static electricity. I did a quick search on here and did find a few old posts that does suggest this could be PD related.

Any suggested remedies would be appreciated, if not I will contract myself out to the National Grid …

now you mention it keep getting stung by fridge freezer doors still good for diet for anyone who can remember uncle festa in the adams family beware of light bulbs if you don,t know uncle festa google him by the way hope you,re ok mate

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There was a theory going back 20 years ago or so that skin conductivity could be used as a measure of PD. If this were the case, it may be that the static discharges are affected by PD.


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I find static electricity is a problem when wearing polyester or do you remember ‘crimplene’ no ironing required.

Laughed my chops off about uncle fester and the national grid.

Please keep this quiet we may become the source of a government experiment using PD patients for a cheap energy source. I am not standing in a field or the sea for no one.

I personally have not noticed any increases in static electricity at 10 yr stage, it is interesting that some people have this happenning to them.

Wishing you both well.