Stats about OCD

Are there any stats about OCD - for example is there a a percentage of people with PD who experience OCD? Also have people with OCD experienced symptoms before being dx with PD? How much does the doses of for example Sinimet 250mg contribute to OCD - in my case 3 x 250mg which was increased from 3x100mg in May, and which have caused increased problems with digestion, OCD and sleeping.

My trade as a letterpress printer where precision using the 26 soldiers of lead and producing accurately printed matter I now believe may have lead to early stage OCD many years ago.

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OCDs are more common with dopamine agonists...latest figures are about 1 in 4 on a therapeutic dose of DAs and 1 in 7 for levadopa.

Google for more info....

Please see your neuro or Parkinson's nurse and ask for help.

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