Stay Well This Winter

Hi everyone,

We have been asked by NHS England and Public Health England to encourage people to look after their health this winter as part of the Stay Well This Winter Campaign.

The campaign aims to help those that are most vulnerable from falling seriously ill with winter ailments and avoid needing hospital treatment by providing simple advice to protect them.

In particular, we have been asked to remind people to:

  • Get a flu vaccination - especially as people with Parkinson's are eligible for a free flu jab

  • If you can, heat your home to at least 18 degrees 

  • Seek immediate advice and help from a pharmacist as soon as you feel unwell and before it gets too serious

  • Keeping an eye on elderly or frail friends, neighbours and relatives

  • Get prescriptions before Christmas Eve

  • Take your prescribed medicines as directed.

Here is a link to the campaign website and there is also a film about flu jab myths which can be viewed by clicking here.

Have a safe winter!



Press & Campaigns Teams