Stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy,has anyone tried this ,or are considering it? I am very interested. Also a supplement is being sold in America called Stem Cell therapy Plus. Again does anyone know anything about it? Or has used it?

I am seriously considering taking my husband to America for stem cell therapy and am in touch with the company Stemgenex at the moment .His quality of life is at rock bottom and we are prepared to try anything that may help . 

I had a look at the Stemgenex website but I couldn't find anything substantial about what results to expect - only that "everyone is different".

Biba,if you find out anything more about it, I'd be interested to hear.

Do you know that it takes years to have any positive effect and even  that is not a guaranteed outcome?

My opinion is based on meetings of the RSN and communication with researchers on this topic.

I know there is no guarantees outcome but if there are no adverse effects I am satisfied the money is not important and it's worth going for it just in case it gives my husband a bit more quality of life . 

I have made contact with the Stemgenex team and filled out the forms on line for the first stage of the process .As soon as we decide to pursue the therapy we are linked with a specific nurse who starts collating all the medical history from my husband's neurologist in this country .They need to collect blood test results etc before accepting him for the therapy so it's not automatic that he will be able to go ahead with it .For the sake of even a slight improvement we are prepared to go through the process and the money is not important . 

The 2 main areas of concern that were discussed with researchers at our last RSN meeting were; the long term side effects? and would it work for me? Whilst waiting, up to 5 years ,for any possible improvement, the usual medication would still need to be taken

Just ensure that you are not getting just any type of stem cells, they need to be specific, that is embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells can not be converted into any old other type of  cell, eg bone marrow cells naturally develop into blood cells but not  brain cells. However, embryonic stem cells can be converted into any type of cell in the human body.It's called pluropotency.

There is also the ethical issue concerning the use of embryonic stem cells which has, to some extent, been overcome by producing a continuing self reproducing line of such cells so that it no longer takes cells from 6 embryos to  transplant enough cells into one side of the brain.

It is still experimental, and I suggest you contact PUK for further information, and especially the Research Support Network. None of  my information is firsthand,  just gleaned from visits to a local university which conducts such research and therefore should be be taken as reported information.

We also discussed the minimum benefits that we would deem to be acceptable if we  underwent stem call therapy; varying from slowing the progress to a return to near normal function. The ensuing   discussion proved very interesting as to each individuals expectations. Mine, after 19 years, would be slowing the progression or just a mild improvement but those, more  newly diagnosed, wished a return to near normal function. However, we all accepted that we would not see the benefit in our lifetime but we attend, and provide input, to hopefully improve things for those diagnosed after us.

I wish you well in your quest for an improvement but  beware of false  prophets. If I could be sure of any improvement, with any of the suggested interventions out there over the last 19 years, we too would have spent as much as it takes. Hope is good, but enjoying your life now and not wishing for the moon, has proved good enough for us. Following the rainbow does not find the pot of gold.

Any update,Biba?

Stem cell therapy is being explored by many for various conditions, including joint pain. However, supplements like “Stem Cell Therapy Plus” should be approached with caution, as their effectiveness and safety may not be well-established. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new treatment or supplement.

Absolutely, it’s crucial to approach treatments like stem cell therapy with caution, especially when considering supplements that claim to offer similar benefits.