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My dad has been diagnosed with Parkinsons' for just over 18 months now.  His main symptoms are a tremor on the left side, fatigue, depression, poor balance, most recently he is having trouble standing up.  He was a very active person prior to this so it is really difficult to see this happen to him.   He has to use a stick to get around and needs to be able to sit a lot.

He is currently taking Siminet but it does not seem to be relieving any of the symptoms.  The GP and the specialist both seem reluctant to offer any other help or treatment and just tell him to continue with the medication that he has.

My parents have been reading lots about stem cell treatment - does anyone have any experience of this?  Could this be another avenue we could explore.

PS.  He also has prostate cancer which is being controlled by hormone treatment at the moment.  Expecting radiotherapy to start at the end of the year.





Stem cells are 'unspecialised' cells that can develop into almost any cell in the body. It is hoped that stem cells could be used to make healthy dopamine-producing nerve cells that could replace the cells that die in the brains of people with Parkinson's.

However, studies on stem cells are still at an early stage and several challenges need to be overcome before these cells can be transplanted in people with Parkinson's. At the moment, no appropriate clinical trials have been carried out to confirm that stem cell therapy is a safe or effective treatment for people with Parkinson's. Only when stem cells have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe will they become available to people with Parkinson's.

Physiotherapy can be beneficial for the movement symptoms associated with Parkinson's. You can speak to a specialist, GP or Parkinson's nurse to find out more information about how to be referred to a physiotherapist.

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The research team should really have posted this link for you. Trials have started although as they say it's very early days but this at least gives some hope. 



That link's not working. sad faceTry this:

Has your dad looked at dbs they say they are now doing dbs in early stages of pd has worked for me.


Hi I am also hoping to arrange for a Stem Cell Treatment for my mother, who has Parkinson.  Equally the Sinemet Plus is not effective on my mother.  UK seems to have a delayed procedure in every research and therefore a delayed treatment in all patients.  If one recall it was in the news that recently there was a child who had a severe brain cancer and the parents took him somewhere in Europe to get him treated and the law interfered with the parents etc, but eventually the child was cured. 

NHS just doesnt do much for the patients in UK is what I too, have experienced for my mother's suffering.  I am now pursuing to see if the Stem Cell Treatment is available because I have seen lots of updates on its success.

Please if anyone has more information about the treatment available even going privately, would be great.  I wait to receive anyones response.