Stem cells ready for clinic

Sounds great,did  i understand right about the money bit! early day yet tho,but promisingsuprised

getting closer.

and would be wonderful

but - the underlying chain reaction would continue

- other areas affected by alpha-synuclein would still be affected unless multiple sites were dealt wih eg constipation, impotence, dementia ould still continue,

hows that for looking a gift-horse in the mouth?

Turnip, wouw, I think you are bit too negative here. There would be so many benefits if this turns out to work. First of all, the dopamine will be released only in the area where it should be released ... so it is more effective than medicine and makes sure you don't get diskynesia. Secondly, a year ago I read a report that dopamine neurons secret more than just dopamine. If I am not mistaken, I think they also release serotonine ... which is why people with PD end up with depression once they are in a more advanced stage. Thirdly, people would not have off-time. Fourthly, people would not have sleeping problems anymore ... I read not long ago that lack of sleep leads to dementia. And I am sure there are many more advantages.

So indeed, this is not a cure in the theoretical meaning of the word, but in practice it will probably feel as a real cure for many PD sufferers if this seems out to work. In the meanwhile people will be looking for a real cure but as long as the real cure isn't there, this trial is a God sent gift if it turns out to work.


quite right mr x, i was being a tad grumpy. 

it all seems a bit sudden given ho cautious researchers have been recently. perhaps this is what happens when patients pay for it themselves?