I have difficulty going up and down stairs. It's as though I am unable to judge the distance (tread) between each step. 

Can anyone advise how I can overcome this?



I think judging distance is something that a lot of peewips have problems with. Do you wear glasses? I have been wearing varifocals for years and it has recently been pointed out to me that when I stand at the top of some unfamiliar steps looking down, I am using the near vision/reading part of the lens and so I am bound to have problems.



I have the same difficulty aswell in fact i have nightmares about it, i dream that i am going too fall and have compulsion that i will fall forward falling down them, Awake at the top of the stairs i can feel myself automatically holding myself back and i sort of go down facing and holding onto the rail, one foot down and then the other foot down onto the same step until i get too the bottom, rather than just stepping down the stairs as I used too, when out i try and take the elevator, but that unbalances me as well.

my eye sight is fine.