Sticky eyes

I have had sticky eyes dor some time, i.e. feels like lots of sleepys in your eyes when you wake up first thing. But this lasts all day.

Today I looked in the mirror having just had a bath and saw that my eyes had a yellow sticky substance in the white area of my eyes, not much of it but it was noticable to me.

Has anyone else had this?
Hi Janet
I get sticky eyes now and again and the sticky substance gets onto my eyelashes too.
yes my husband had/ has the same problem also problems with his skin . DRY?GREASY.

My mother had a stroke and her nurses told me to use a bowl of warm water with baby bath soap and a little baby oil and bathe them . I did so and now I use it for my husband it works a treat in fact he never ever had very long lashes and they use to grow/turn into his eye . Now he has nice straight lashes and has no trouble , apart from very watery eyes they do stream . He does use eye drops but I think it is something that he is going to have to put up with

Do you have any problem with itchy ears , his get greasy and dry and itchy sore i use the same wash for them . You have to keep doing it regularly

Hope it works for you