Stiff neck

I've had a painfully stiff neck for months now - is this another PD symptom? It only affects the right side (the side most affected by my other PD symptoms).

Cold/heat/painkillers make no difference.

I also have a really painful right arm/shoulder which my GP said was tendonitis. I've had about six physio sessions but it's no better. 

Basically, I'm falling apart, one side at a time!

Hi Tabbycat,

Sorry to hear about this. If you'd like some advice about your symptoms and treatments please do feel free to call the Helpline on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm. They would be glad to talk with you.

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Thanks Edwina. I don't want to clog up the helpline with relatively trivial stuff though, I just posted here to see if anyone else has the same problem.

Hello Tabbycat

one of my earliest symptoms was general stiffness and a particularly uncomfortable stiff neck. Now, two years on, meds alleviate this a lot, but when they are wearing off the first thing I get is my stiff neck again followed by inability to walk safely and feelings of internal shakiness ( a bit like the low blood sugar feeling). It happens quite suddenly and is really unnerving! 

hope somebody else will reply too.

best wishes




Yes, stiff neck was an early symptom for me, too (though not stiffnesss elsewhere). It made reversing a car jolly painful. as soon as I was dx and on meds, it went & has rarely returned


Same her … I have a  Stiff neck for a long time , thought it was to do with my work , but am I am sure now that is partly PD and partly arthritis . It can be wearing sometimes , but I take paracetamol regularly throughout the day to try and alleviate it . I have found that if I go to the gym and do weights it helps as does yoga . Have you thought about having an x-ray as you may have arthritis, which is fairly common in the neck I understand

Semele: I have the same problem with reversing the car!

I go to the gym two or three times a week, and yoga once a week (for years!). I don't think it's arthritis - there's no swelling or heat, and it only hurts when I turn my head right.

It seems that neck and shoulder pain is very common in PD, I wonder why?

Hi same here, I have had pain and stiffness in my right neck and shoulder since before dx  6yrs ago. Meds and physio have not helped, though I now have Accupuncture which helps for a while after treatment.  Parky seems to target weak spots my Nurse told me, and I believe that is true. Also now my lower back is painful and tight and stiff. I had 3 fractures in my pelvis over 20 years ago, through an RTA and have had problems since, but def stiffness and pain increasing. I cannot take anti inflammatories and so rely mostly on my old faithful TENS machine which I've had 16 yrs !! The strange thing is that in between these "flareups"! I dance, Line and Ballroom....never make "strictly" !! but it just does not make sense that at times I'm able to do that, and at others as stiff as a board.

This disease has so many symptoms, and until I got it I would never have believed it.

Keep moving and keeeeeeeeeep smiling folks!!!!!

luv Dolly x

Thanks Dolly, that's interesting about PD targeting weak spots.

Like you with dancing, I find it odd that I can lift heavy weights (85 kilos on the leg press) yet feel weak and wobbly just trying to walk down the road!

(Love your avatar, by the way!)

Thank you...yes that was my Jess, sadly we lost her 3 years ago but she was such a special cat, and i love that pic of her. I am thinking of calling my house PUSSY GALORES cafe !!!! as all the local moggies pop round....they know a soft touch i guess.

Yes it is very odd as you say that you can lift those heavy weights yet at times you feel weak and wobbly. None of it makes any sense does it? I will say that if i get anxious, even if only slightly, then i am more shaky and i can tell the time by when my meds start to wear off, saves wearing a watch i suppose!! Is it just me or do you feel hungry a lot of the time? i have been like this for years which is why originally i thought i had low blood sugar but that is fine. 

I am back to see the Neurologist in a couple of weeks and will mention this all to her.

Meanwhile Tabbycat (fab name) keep posting and keeeeeeeeeep smiling

Dolly x

I don't feel hungry any more than usual - could it be a side effect of your meds?

Love the idea of Pussy Galore's cafe! Have you not wanted to adopt another cat since Jess passed?

I have thought about it but  last year my Tom died, in fact the day my Husband came out of hospital, it was like he was hanging on for him. He was also an amazing cat, very human and adored being cuddled, I get so upset when they go that i thought there are so many around here, some are not necessarily looked after as well as they should be, and so they pop round to me for a bite to eat and a fuss made of them, so i get the enjoyment without the responsibility i guess. By the way their owners know and are quite happy for me to carry on. (That tells you something ay?)

The hunger started a few years ago and i thought it was low blood sugar, and have had many tests over the years, but i think it must be yet another Parky thing, Or maybe i have WORMS !!!! haha

How are your aches and pains?

Not too bad Dolly, thanks. Touch wood I'm having a better week than last week. All the symptoms are still there but not as severe. How are you?

It sounds like you have the best of both worlds with the neighbourhood cats. Years ago, my OH and I were living in a ground floor flat where we couldn't have cats so we made friends with all the local kitties and they'd all pop round. We gave them the occasional cat treat but that was all. One afternoon, we had about six of them in our living room!

HI Tabbycat ...the mogs def know a soft touch don't. they? I love their company and I'm sure it is only cupboard love but I don.'t mind. Glad you have had a better week, its such a weird disease no 2days are the same in fact at times even feel different from hour to hour. The last couple of days I have been very trembly but i have been quite anxious about having this laser eye surgery to prevent glaucoma. It was carried out ths evening at the local eye hospital and as usual not as bad as I had imagined. Why do we get worked up? I guess its the not knowing ,my imagination goes on overdrive sometimes!  Today is Mr Ds birthday and we started of at line dancing this morning then a nice lunch, hospital then birthday cake mmmmmmmm!!!! Always happy if food is on offer.....!!!!

keep well Tabbycat......all the best


I think we all get worked up and anxious at times Dollymaz, it's got to be a lot to do with this parky thing! I even got worked up going for my appointment with my neuro so much that I could'nt speak to her properly for crying! Glad the laser eye surgery went well and hope it works for the glaucoma problem, not a nice thing to have. 'Happy birthday' to Mr D and hope your cake was as yummy as expected.........

Live it up!!.........Sheffy

I've suffered from anxiety for years - long before PD - and I think it has a lot to do with not feeling in control of situations and, as you say Dolly, not knowing what to expect.

Hope you're recovering well from your op - you must be okay cos you're using a computer!big grin

Thank you Steffi and Tabbycat....Yes i am glad it has been done but the pills i have had to take the last couple of days to reduce the eye pressure have knocked me for six. I did mention at the time about other meds i am on inc Parky pills and the nurse said that was ok. My Son is a Pharmacy Technician and i trust his judgement more and he told me to persevere with them. You know how you get trembly and your head feels woozy and heavy pressure in the neck etc? well that is just magnified on these pills, only 3 more to take and the steroid eye drops finish tomorrow night hopefully. I have to return for a check up next week to check that it has been successful.

I find Bach rescue remedy helps anxiety if it is not too bad, just a few drops on the tongue but if it is severe then having a  good weep  usually helps, and like you Sheffy it doesn't take much to set me off. In fact more often than not i couldn't tell you why i am crying, does that make sense? This Parky business is so complex, i had no idea  before i got it what it entailed....i just thought it affected older folk and they shook!!! WRONG! 

MMMMMMMMMMM the cake was very moreish Sheffy, i ate toooooooooo much more than i should haha!! 

Don't forget the clocks tonight extra hour in bed in the morning ...oh yes luvly jubly

Keep smiling ........xx

How are you feeling today, Dolly?

I agree about the rescue remedy - I've used it for years, it's very good.

Hi Tabbycat....hope you have had a good weekend and your neck has eased a bit.The RR is amazing isnt it? I started using it 17 years ago when my Dad passed away and have found it to be very beneficial when experiencing anxiety. Today has been very busy, shopping for my Mum, giving her a bath and perming her hair. So this evening after dinner I have just relaxed. Will take that last tablet for my eyes hurray!! . Do you find when the clocks change it completely messes up your routine with your Parky meds? It can make quite a difference. Hope you have a better week, keep smiling