Stiffness and unsteadiness in morning


This is my first post , so I am not quite sure if this works...

I am a pensioner and have been diagnosed with PD some months ago, and I am on 3 * 62.5mg sinmet spaced out in the day, and 1 * 125mg sinemet plus at bedtime.
I have not had any contact with other people with PD, but am due to meet some shortly. But I would like to ask a very simple question about PD; perhaps it can be simply answered.

I do have stiffness in the legs first thing in the morning, particularly in calf muscles, and so feel unsteady. This tends to wear off midday.

Do others have any tips which may help reduce the stiffness?

Thank you.

Hi Barney12, Yes, leg stiffness is a common symptom in the mornings. I tend to do a few stretches before even getting out of bed. And then when I've walked about a bit. I'm sure you'll be scheduled a physio appointment and hopefully meet up with a Parkinsons nurse. The nurses are invaluable as you normally can call them in between consultants appmts. Hope this helps. Others on forum may have better suggestions.
Hi Barney12, I struggle getting out of bed until I'm on my feet for a while then the stiffness improves. Getting in and out of my car is the same. As DivineR says, a discussion with your PD Nurse once you have one assigned will I'm sure prove helpful. Joanie

Thank you for replying.

Does exercise the day before help for the following day, or does exercise on the day help? 

What sort of stretches? Difficult to describe perhaps, is there a  physio page with this exercise?



Hi, apparently you should really exercise a little everyday. There should be some guidance on website. I do alot of yoga. It's a mixed class, maybe you can find one in your area. A good one is circling your ankles, bending your foot forward and back. Have a look on wellbeing as you say it's hard to explain.

I'll just say hi for now.  I can sympathise with what you have said but I need to go to bed now.  Perhaps I can post tomorrow.


I Sorry about yesterday but once I go 'off' in the evening nothing helps but going to bed! 

The 'off' periods occur several times a day but the stiffness a little better if I do some exercising.. it's so difficult to get motivated when you feel so achy but when I go to the Day Centre we do an exercise class and the teacher tries to make it fun but it doesn't help if I don't exercise regularly.

Keep up the good work!

With best wishes




Hello casie goes you doing BB XX
Hi Barney12 Yes, stiffness at any time of day is a key impact of PD. The relative inactivity due to fatigue and the muscle tension from tremors all combine to shorten the tendons and muscle connections to your bones. You should aim to stretch using the Mattes method of active isolation. Typically these involve using a rubber band or rope or dressing gown belt / hand towel at diagonal corners. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. Don't over stretch and remember that stretching involves contracting one set of muscles in order to relax or lengthen another. Make sure you complete the stretches so that any muscle you contract is followed by another stretch that relaxes the muscle you have just tensed. Incomplete stretching sessions can also cause stiffness. Finally, avoid static stretches where you stretch and hold. The benefit is gained from a fluid movement without harsh stopping and starting or bouncing at the limit of your tendons. Have a go and you'll feel better for it.


            I used to have legs  that  would  not  work  at  all until I had  my  meds  changed entacapone from  Tolcapone I asked my  consultant and all round good  guy  if  the  drugs were made by  Alcapone  he gave me a look that would have sent many men running away but im made of  sturdy geordie  stock and his rebuke was " no ",  so there it is   with  parky its a case of  trial and  error   with me  it  was  error  for  a  good  while until I was in  for  a  mot  and  was   offered  Duodopa   and what a difference I could have climbed everest  when  it  was  fitted, it took  22  grown  men  to  hold  me  back,  or  I would  have  been the  first  parkiest  on top  of  Havearest.  but  Im  no  show  off  so  Ill pass  on that,  but it  does  work   Barney.

                        All  the   best  Barney  keep  pushing if  you  think  your  drugs are  not  working


Hi Barney

I was diagnosed last year. Fortunately I see a Parkinson's nurse every 6 months. She is really good and reassuring, as well as tweaking my meds so that I slept better after a few months on the new regime.

She also said how important it was to keep moving. Parkinson's uk has a brilliant DVD and booklet called just that - "Keep moving". When I first watched the DVD I couldn't see how their recommended exercises would  help, they're so gentle. But they really do, as they they are designed specifically for PD people.

I've also started Tai Chi classes. No special clothes, no mat, no rubber bands needed.That works for me too. I actually joined U3a so that I could join their reasonably priced classed that were clearly targeted for the members (ie those of us of more mature years!)

It's really worth trying a few activities till you find one that you like and that suits you as not only does it help with stiffness but I always feel better in myself for having done a bit of exercise.

Good luck