Stiffness On Waking

I’ve been getting so stiff in the morning that I can’t move in bed. It’s only on my right (Parkinsons) side. If I’ve slept on that side it’s literally impossible for me to move, I have to bounce about on the bed. Anyone else experiencing this, any tips?


Hi there
11years on getting a lot of pain from my right side hip and side of my knee and it’s quite painful
Limping till I get moveing partner brought me treadmill and I am gusted strated to use it used to go to gym but that was a refreshing but stoped big mistake so now l do well try to do 2 miles I
on treadmill and go for a run loser up. See if that works but if like me in pain try no to let it win spamgel

Don’t know if this will help but my physio told me this was probably due to not moving them for a long time. For me at least! She recommended I give my feet a good wriggle before I start moving and it seems to work when I can remember.

Good Luck!

Hello JonJoe, there are some sheets you can buy which don’t drag onto your bedwear, so you are be able to turn over better, not sure where they are available from - try getting in touch with the Parkinsons shop online. This may help, or it could be the fact you may need more meds to help through the night and so you are able to move a bit better in the morning. Hope you get sorted - Sheila

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Thanks for the tips. I do have a treadmill and used it a lot, I’d done half an hour at brisk walking pace. I stopped using it as I kept getting bad back pain which I put down to the impact on the treadmill.

Sometimes I find that a bit too much exercise or too much housework can also have drastic effects on the old legs, the next day, that is too much can find you have trouble walking! They say that exercise is good for you, but I sometimes wonder. This is only since I have been on Sinimet…

I had disc problems in my back years before Parky came along and was taught some exercises a little bit like Pilates stretching. I can do a lot of them in bed to loosen myself up before I try to get out and stand up. Your Dr might be able to get you them.