Morning pain

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I have been diagnosed 8 yrs, I am now 70, over the last 18 mths I wake every morning with really painful stiffness, my back, upper arms, hands, legs and even my elbows! Actually getting out of bed is torture . Initially the stiffness would lessen as I got moving but recently I’ve found it just stays all day…it feels like I have tender spots particularly the front of my thighs and upper arms. Is this just the way it has to be or might additional meds help?
I take :-
8mg Adartrel.
1mg Rasagiline.
25mg/100mg Sinemet Plus x3

Am wondering if I need additional medication to help with this but am reluctant to increase . I haven’t seen my consultant for
18mths although I have contact with the PD nurse. Anyone out there have similar symptoms and found increased meds made a difference? Any comments appreciated.

I was diagnosed 9 years ago. Over the last couple of months I have excruciating pain down the back of my thighs getting out of bed. I have to grit my teeth and really stretch to relieve the pain. It then remains in the background all day. Anyone with similar problems then please post.

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Hi Wizzer it’s a while since I posted anything but I was dianosed 2010 and have just stated getting this stiffness. It’s hard to speak to your nurse There are 3 PD nuses which we can contact, one I have seen since being dianosed, Spoke about this to one of the other nuses and she told me to put my evening Madapar up to 3 if that doe’s not work come back to 2 I must addmit did not have much confidence in that nurse. So at the moment just plodding on.
sorry can’t help.

Hello thanks for your reply. Funnily enough, just this week, I’ve had a ring back, within 48hrs, from the Parkinson’s Nurse on this morning stiffness problem. As you were advised, she also suggests taking my last dose of Ropinirole 2mg just before bed. If after 2 or 3 wks no improvement, I can start another additional tablet to help keep the Dopamine levels raised overnight. Some mornings worse than others. We changed the mattress only 18 months ago hoping that would help… it didn’t! Just feel it’s something we’ve to put up with.