Stiffness when walking

Anyone else get stiffness in back area where your iliac crest is (top of hip on lower back) i get so stiff at times its hard to walk.

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Hi jayejaye 75
I sympathise with you.i suffer the same symptoms.
I think that it is because of walking with bended knees and a shuffling gait.
I find stretching exercises like touching my toes and yoga helps. Also have stiffness and lower back pain in a morning, again yoga alleviates it greatly

Regards limpleg

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Ive never thought of it like that , it makes total sense why i get so stiff there thank you for poi ting that out. I do stretches mainly neck and shoulders as very stiff, but will now start again on lower end of body. Its all you need sometimes a reminder to stretch all stiff parts. Im a logical thinker and try to work things out but sometimes that dsnt help me and my stiffness lol.

I find it hard to start walking, particularly if I’ve been sat still for a while, I have to get over the urge to not keep going at first, then when I persevere it eases and I feel like I’m walking normally without pain or much stiffness. Varies a lot day to day though.