Still smoking

Hi everyone
I posted before about my smoking Im still at it even through I know its not good My wife and daughter hate it
I feel so ashamed of myself after years of trying to get my son to stop (he only smokes the odd roll up while Im on 40 a day)
When I talked to my neuro he didnt seem to think it was related to my meds Im on Neupro patches and Stalevo
I would be grateful for everyones thoughts

You say you're on 40 cigs a day, but did this increase when you started Neupro?

If so it's likely that the DA has just taken an existing compulsion and merely magnified it. More importantly though, the fact that there was any increase at all demonstrates that YOU are one of the 24% susceptible to DA-induced OCDs, and as such you're likely to develop more compulsions later: hypersexuality and gambling are two of the best known, but there are scores more.

If nothing has changed at all (i.e. you were always on 40 a day, even before Neupro) then there is as yet no OCD evidence re yourself on that particular compulsion.

Have you ALWAYS been on 40 a day, even before your PD was diagnosed? Do you smoke indoors/in-car?


Hi Marina When they increased my medication of Mdopar i started to smoke. It was a real craving for a menthol cigarette and just 1 a day.I was told it was not my meds ,they had not heard of that side affect. I went back to my original dose the craving stopped.Angel4u