Still Waiting For Dat Scan Results

I had a DatScan at University College Hospital back in November 2014, but I have still not heard anything as to what the results were. The test was ordered by a neurologist at Queen Square. It does seem like a very long time to wait for results. I am guessing that it probably means nothing was revealed by the scan, which would be good even though I'll be left with a lot of unexplained symptoms that stop me being able to function normally.

 Is it usual to wait so long for a consultant to tell you the results of a DaTScan? Has any one else experienced this? Am I right to just assume nothing was found?



Hi paul318,

Funny enough I had a Dat scan at UCL last week and yes it was requested by a neurologist at queens square. I can't answer for them but I would suggest you call them just ring the main switchboard and ask to be connected with the neurologist secretary you have waited long enough so they should have studied the pictures by now.

Last year I had a CT scan at Lincoln County It was 5 months later I got my follow up appointment to tell me the result. It was hell because at the time I was worrying I had a brain tumour on top of PD, incidentally I call PD the B****, so I don't like to think someone else is waiting and worrying like I was. It does usually mean no new is good news but there are other conditions that can look like the B**** one is called essential tremor, do some research on this Website re the B**** and I should imagine there is one in-regards to ET that can maybe give you some answers and put your mind at rest. Hope this helps.

Kindest Regards BB x

Hi Paul . It seems a long time to wait . Hopefully no news is good news . I was told my dat scan results would be with neuro within two weeks . I was also told you can request copy to be sent to gp . ( your gp may already have this info ) I would ring gp . Failing that ring neuro secretary and speak to her and explain situation . When is your next neuro appt ? Have you got one ? It's horrible waiting and wondering .It makes you anxious and doesn't help. .Anyway if its not that they still need to find our why you're not feeling well and get to the bottom of it . Best wishes . 

Hi BettyBlue,

 I don't really have problems with tremor. My problem are more to do with freezing, getting started and my gait along with over problems like involuntary movements/myoclonus. If I have PD it is a atypical presentation which is why the DaTScan was ordered. 

 I think I need to try contacting the hospital or seeing if my GP has heard anything.

Hi Maddison,

 I don't have another appointment with the neurologist which is one of the reasons why I think it's strange they haven't contacted me with the results. I know the scan was only given to me to rule things out as the neurologist seem to suggest that all my symptoms are 'functional' that is all psychological. As I suffered neither a major trauma leading up to my illness, nor had mental health problems, this all seems very unlikely to me.



  1. Hi Paul yes I agree with you definitely contact your GP And if no joy there ring the neurologist secretary incidentally you are also entitled if you're under the age of 64 Personal Independence payment. This has replaced disability allowance if you're having trouble with your gait and freezing you need to tell them how you are on your worst possible days The Department for work and pensions are the people run it granted claiming is not quick But it could be well worth it, The PIP is non-income based so what ever you're earning is irrelevant they will do a face-to-face assessment and if you are within more than one hours travel from the assessment centre they have to do you a home visit All this will come together once you've got your diagnosis if it is PD my claim took seven months the process could trust me in the end it's worth it people with Parkinson is still have to pay for the medications unless you've got another condition that makes you exempt. If not you can organise a prepayment card and a direct debit costing you £12 per month roughly if I did not have my prepayment card now my drugs would be costing me over £80 per month because I'm on 10 different types. Good luck let me know how you get on and take care Betty blue kindest regards x

Hi  Betty,

 I have been unable to work since December 2005. I am fortunate in that I get DLA at the high rate for mobility and at the lower rate for care. It was a fight at first and I had to appeal, but once they saw how disabled I am they granted it to me. I have seen them since they brought in ESA, my DLA was up for renewal just after. They granted me both again at the higher rate. I am fortunate that I've managed to get these benefits without a firm diagnosis.

Hi Paul, and everyone else, 

My Dat scan came back as with excellent results confirming my dx although i have never doubted my dx

it feels really weird to know now for sure its ( the B**** ) this is my fighting name for PD.

Dr in London is going to go through them with me, I need to learn as much as I can to keep fighting her .

BB xx

Hi Paul,

Im sorry you have PD but you are with friends who care

Im a fellow jerky Parky,haha

I m from nys usa and would love to share.Us jerky parkies are a special bunch,I know quite a few more and we can help each other alot faster.

The new way of handling this problem is called nero denial.or psychgenic blah blah.They did it to me and I said ,NEXT.hahaBest thing to do of course is be polite but direct and fatal blow to their ego.

There are good humble caring empathic.loving neros.

A good bet is find a epilepsy nero and youll have better luck.They are more empathic due to the awful epilepsy

PD is no big thing to me.I know the end result but When is what keeps it a small potato.

I also know a method from Dr.Abraham low 1937 that gives me emotional control more than ever before in my life.MY vision is that the PD community will use this help to minumize our emotional pain.

Please do contact me.Im going to set up a facebook soon just for or special group