Still waiting

hi all @ the forum .It has been 2 weeks now since i saw Prof Tipu Azziz about my DBS appointment .One of his registrars did a pill assesment and recommended that i take the same dose of pills but over a longer period also that i start taking Amantadine but no one has told my GP yet or my local consultant and when i ttry too enquire at the hospital i visited the secretary is on hols and the other 1 never answers her phone .As you can understand it is frustrating and makes me less inclined to go for the op as well .I mean who do i turn to if it all goes wrong at home
If you had the op surely they would give you a special contact number to ring if you had problems? But I agree that making contact only happens when they want it.
Hi Penfold
Why don't you ring your local PD nurse she should help and chase these things up for you