Still working full time at 69, help for when my dad retires!

Hello, I'm looking for some advice please. My dad is still working full time and doesn't claim anything except his pension credit, although I keep telling him to claim some benefit towards his council tax, but because my brother still says he is living there even though he hardly does because he is between my dad's, my moms or his girlfriends! But my dad is in a lot of pain with his arm that has the tremor and it's made worse by the fact that he drives a truck! He is due to retire next year, a month before his 70th birthday. But he is worried about finances because he will still have a couple of years left on his mortgage. He can't claim any disability because he is over 65 and from what I've been reading it's proving very difficult to claim any other help! He won't take any medication at the moment because he is worried about the side affects so he is carrying on suffering! I have now noticed it is now in his other hand, and he often coughs after/while eating and I've even had to hit his back cause he was choking! This also worries me as I think he is not eating properly because he knows he stands a risk of choking but because he lives alone there will be no one to help!! I would like him to live with me but I have a council property and would need some work doing if we were to have the room! I'm so stuck as to what I can do for him and for him financially! Any advice welcome please xx

Hi Natalie, sorry to hear about your dad. he's lucky to have you to look out for him. Get yourself, preferably with him, to a Citizen's Advice Bureau with all the details. And/or ring the helpline on this site, number on the top of every page. I'm sure something can be done to help.

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Hi Semele, thank you for your advice I appreciate it. The problem I have is that my dad doesn't tell me a lot and when it comes to finances, even less! I've mentioned quite a few times about going to see someone but it never seems to happen, I kept asking him about how long was left on his mortgage and that took forever and even now he says two or three years!! I would like to try and sort things before they get too bad though. Xx

Hi Natalie,

This site won't let me cut and past so the following paras.are numbered.


(2) I am wondering what side effects your dad is worried about.  As far as I know, at his age the first line of treatment would be one of the levadopa  formulations to replace the missing dopamine  most likely Sinemet and/or  another drug which enhances the availability of the dopamine you have still got (Rageline/Azilect)and I have not heard of particular side effects apart from some people  not being able to tolerate particular formulations.  The other main treatment involves dopamine agonists where there is a about one in five chance of developing compulsive behaviour .    There is said to be a risk of the development of diskinesias (involuntary movements) with Sinemet and even this is disputed as some say its the natural development of the disease in some people any way.

(1)    I am not in any way medically qualified but I am concerned because  the main principle is to take sufficient medication to maintain function, i.e. aid you to "use it and not lose it"  unnecessarily quickly.

(3  Meanwhile what are the risks of driving with the shakes assuming this is what you meant when you mentioned his hands.  However,  I assume your father has informed the DVLA in which case he will already be on a three year licence granted after referring to the Consultant .   If you declare it on your car insurance they do not discriminate because they assume you will have satisfied the DVLA.


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Hello Eileen, yes my dad has informed the dvla, or rather did with my help and they were satisfied after contacting the consultant and doctors that he could and no restrictions were put in place. His company also know of his condition, but off the record so to speak because he is a bit embarrassed I think and has told no one anyone else but a manager! The shaking in his hand doesn't affect his driving although maybe a bit of stiffness but I think this is where the pain in his shoulder comes from, being in traffic and having to change gear so much!  The side affects he is worried about I think is all that he has read in an info booklet that was sent out by the nurse, but as much as there are benefits of him taking the medication, he has looked at the negativity and come to the conclusion that even though some may be very very slim like high blood pressure or something, that he doesn't want to take the risk, weather he will benefit or not! Plus he has this theory that it might not help him at all and then what's the need! I'm struggling to convince him I'm afraid! Plus what also worries me as a side affect though is the compulsive behaviour. He has a hobby of model making and it's taken over the house to the extreme where you can just get into his back room n bedroom! Another very worrying thing from my part, as that can't get any worse cause if it's out of hand now he can't afford for it to get worse, especially financially! I really do appreciate your help though xx

Hello Natalie

I can hear your worry, and indeed what you’re describing is a complex set of issues - medical, financial, emotional, personal. And not just for you dad but you as well. You’ll know best how to work with your dad on all of this, but i wonder if you’d like some support on that? Others on this forum will have used the PUK information and support workers, and I’m sure they’re very good. Go to for details and how to find a local worker.

I’m sure they’ll be able to help you sort out how best to help your dad - starting with how to help him see there is help available for him.

I also ask: does he have a Parkinson’s nurse? Have you talked to him or her?

Hope these ideas help you make some progress.

Best wishes


Thank you Semele, yes your right it is a lot of issues for us both. I'm 33 and have three children so my time is taken up a lot with them and I can't be in two places at once. I will contact the support line and yes he does see a nurse and the consultant once a year. The consultant is under the illusion he is taking medication as he was the one who suggested it and told him to go to the docs to get it, but it was the day before going to the docs that he read about the side affects and he said he felt like the doc wasn't listening to his concerns and just gave him the prescription. I like to go with him to appointments but I feel my dad likes to go alone, maybe for the worry I will know more I don't know?? My dad is so independent and stubborn, but then I suppose it's good that he still has his independence! Thank you again for your advice xx