Hi everyone my name is les ive been here before but came off due to personal reasons but at a time in my life where i want to share  any issues i have and of course listen to others and there reasons for being on here i was diagnosed now 8 year ago last year i had dbs surgery which at this moment still isnt resolved but there are issues that i need to deal with first last yr i sufferd with depresion told it was due to my dbs so i decided stupidly to take a overdose it was the first and will certainly be the last i have a teenage daughter my relationship is close to ending it did but tried again but its still not working i was a soldier in the british army seen service in belfast and gulf left 20 yr ago now i used to do lots of sports in the army mainly rugby and boxing travelled to places like switzerland baviria jungles of brunia northern ireland canada i am still fit but not as much as i was i also walked 14 mile last yr for parkinsons uk raising 300 pound i came back on here to talk to others either openly or private i would like to thanku for the team for once again giving the opportuity to come on and chat to others thanku hope to hear from anyone soon 

Hello and welcome back.  Sounds like you have been on a difficult path, but you are hopefully now on an easier one. 

I hope you continue to use the forum, it would be good to see you around the forum 


Thanku very much please keep in touch 

Not able to send you a private message


Thats ok just chatting i mean on forum 

Morning everyone hope u r all well this morning 


Hello stobbsi

Sorry to here about what you have been through, and welcome back to the forum, at least it is a step in the right direction in that you are wanting to communicate with others. I have found this site to be very theraputic in that the folks who use this site are all in the same position as each other, some more than others and it helps to talk. Have a go on the Social side of the site joining in the games and quizzes (if you are that way inclined!) and keep posting about anything you wish to talk about if it helps

Regards Sheffy

Thanku sheffy  

Hi wonderd if anyone can help im getting alot of pain and read some where that its part of parkinsons and my walking esp in the mornings is like im drunk is this a symptom of pd i also  my tremour wakes me in the morning that is when i do eventually sleep i may get a couple of hours the tremour i still have even though ive had dbs surgery  kind of shakes uncontrolbly very fast thats what wakes me when i do wake it goes back to normal tremour would appriciate any help







Hi stobbs welcome . 

I'm not the best person to advise because  I'm quite new to all of this - sep . I know pain is a symptom though and it is my main one . I have been given cocodamol and told I can take ibuprofen . I find the pain worse until my tablets start kicking in . I take them in the morning about 7am . Like you my walking not so good first thing and my speech is a bit slurred at end of day when I suppose tabs wearing off .Do you have a PD nurse ? When are you next seeing neuro ? Where is the pain ? Mine is right side ( affected side ) I am  waiting for shoulder scan too something I should've had done but didn't as orthopaedics sent me straight to neurology for brain scan . I am worried I've done some damage to this arm as it had been weak for so long and really hurts . 

Perhaps you are under medicated ? Pain has improved in head leg  for me but not arm . 

Ive read the tremor is the most difficult thing to control . I hope you get to speak to someone soon who can help