Stomach Discomfort

I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons this year but although my mental health has been a struggle, the physical impacts have thus far been minimal. But today I have been suffering tummy pains that feel like trapped wind. The intensity has been fluctuating but at its worst is most uncomfortable. New to this disease is this caused by Parkinsons? Have found it difficult to poo today which I do not normally and am wondering if constipation is the cause. I have taken two wind settler tablets and one senekot, but neither seem to be helping that much. Just as I think it might be easing up it suddenly intensifies again. I feel like I badly need to break wind but am struggling to. Is this a normal symptom for Parkinsons?

Hi srb7677, I would bet a pound to a penny that constipation is at least part of the problem if not the root cause. I was recommended to take a teaspoon of flax seed with my breakfast cereal and I add in two or three dried figs a day. When that isn’t enough, movicol/cosmocol/macrogol (from the GP) always works. Hope that helps

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Thanks. The problem appears to have subsided now but will see if it develops again.