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There was research I read a while back that suggested a link between Parkinson’s and the gut. I’ve had stomach problems going back years before diagnosis, anything can cause me an upset stomach, egg, salad, tomatoes etc.

A rather strange issue I have is an allergy to the meat substitute Quorn, I’ve tried it a few times and it literally makes me nauseous and I’ve even vomited an hour after eating it. Has any one else tried Quorn, does anyone have any odd food allergies that could be Parkinson’s related?


Quorn is made from a mycoprotein derived from a fungus and mixed with egg albumen. Unsurprisingly a number of people are either allergic to it or it makes them sick, it is not just a Parkinson’s related issue. It causes severe vomiting in a friend of mine who was hospitalised twice before the cause was identified. My husband has Parkinson’s, I don’t but I’m the one with the allergies. We don’t eat Quorn as we both dislike the texture & artificial taste - plenty of better, natural foods to eat even if you don’t eat meat!

I’ve been a vegetarian for 35 years. So I would rule out meat as a cause of PD.
I believe it may well be down to genetics and the luck of the draw.
I have eaten quorn from the early days without adverse effects. I have one friend though who is violently ill if she eats it.

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I see you’ve received some responses which is great. However, I thought you’d be interested to know that we’ve covered research on the Parkinson’s UK website about evidence which shows that Parkinson’s starts in the stomach. You can find this particular page here -

I hope you find this useful!

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That was the research I was referring to, I think I read it in a newspaper. My thinking was; if eating Quorn causes such violent vomiting in me, could this be a reaction to something Parkinsons related in my gut? You never know, it could lead to a test.

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I see! You raise a good point, but as it’s specific to your experience in Quorn, it may be best to raise this with your doctor so they can refer you to a nutritionist.

Perhaps this is something to consider?

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