Stomach problems stomach problems

Hi i have been reading articles about Parkinson’s disease mainly on Google
about Parkinson’s starting in the stomach not the brain with poor bacteria
As all my life as far as i remember i have suffered with my stomach are there any one else on this forum who suffer with there stomach there could be a link i would love to hear your views

There seems to be more and more information linking the stomach with PD. I went gluten free as I felt it was something I could do that may help slow progression. I have no direct evidence of benefit apart from my stomach being more settled. One of the best guides I found was “Parkinsons Disease - the way forward” by Lucille Leader. It’s a bit dated now but still quite relevant. Also some research on rats has found that induced PD does not progress when the vagus nerve between stomach and brain is cut. Also I am keeping my eye on a study currently in place investigating the possible benefits of a probiotic “Symprove”. Just the fact that this study is taking place indicates researchers feel the stomach has the potential to be implicated.