Hi people anyone suffer from stooping and feet freezing and what your remedies are. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated thanks.

Hi Butcher

I spoke to someone recently (a somatic experience therapist) and her words have been really useful. Still evaluating but I’ve had no freezing since. She noticed that when I stand, my stoop naturally makes me look at my feet and she thought this might be relevant, so now when I stand I try to look up and out, maybe looking for something interesting in the room (which you can do before you stand so you are ready), or visualize something special to me across the room. Then focus on that. So far so good. Hope that helps, NeilT

Hi Neil T
Thanks for your reply i will give it a go anything is worth a try. I’m going to an osteopath to see if he can help, trying a brace to see if that makes any difference.
Cheers the Butcher.