Stopping Pd progression

Hello!!! I’m 43yr old dr diagnosed March with DAT scan though I’ve had tremor for 2.5 years both my parents have it
I’m really keen in hearing from fellow PD patients and their experience of living with Pd
What diet / exercise / supplements/ other activities regime works best
Medications etc
I’m doing the paleo autoimmune diet no gluten dairy processed
Take high dose b12 / fish oil / coenzyme q10/ n acetal cysteine / turmeric / glutathione
Exercise daily 1-2 hours yoga and Qi gong
Symprove probiotic
Reduction stress is the hard one
On ropinirole 2mg day and 1mg rasagaline for Neuro protection
I work drive and am fitter than ever before
Mild tremor l arm only

What works for people? Please please let me know your own experiences
Thankyou in advance

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Conductive Education is the way forward, hopefully you will be able to find a provider close to you. CE helps you overcome all sorts of problems parkinson’s throws at you. You learn techniques to help you with everyday tasks from getting out of bed, walking, getting up out of a chair, handwriting and I could carry on listing for hours. Enquire about it without delay, you will not regret it.

50 year old diagnosed 15 years ago still going strong with the help of CE, positive thinking and a few pills.


Hello terrific

I had not heard of Conductive Education but has googled this & on behalf of my partner who is the sufferer I am curious about this. Do you attend weekly?.


Hello Cm

My partner has had PD 3/4 yrs, hes 70 now. May not be so relevant to you due to age difference. He goes to the gym twice weekly, mainly does weight training. We do Pilates which has been beneficial we believe. We try to walk often. Hes started to go to a class that has a PD warrior trained physio. He takes seven seas on daily basis. He is on Selegeline 1 daily and 7 sinimet daily.


I attend a weekly 2 hour session, I could talk about the benefits all night, so if you have anymore questions please ask.

I havnt joined any classes as im frightened i will fall over. I havnt fallen yet but sometimes get the sensation I might. Perhaps i should try and work through it, as I do with my panic attacks.