Strange feeling in foot

Hi,I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, when I have on socks and shoes my left foot feels as if it is in a wet sock or that I have not dried my foot properly. This was one of the symptoms I went to my GP with and did speak to my Neuro about it. This is a very strange feeling and I constantly want to be lifting my foot out of the water. Am I going mad or is this just another symptom of the disease.
If I do not have on footwear then I have odd pins and needles is it all connected?
very strange! sounds a little similar to people who feel tickling or itching on their skin.
Hello Bethankit

I get a lot of hot pins and needles in my heels, but none of the water sensation. Some meds can cause a feeling of things on your skin.
One of my toes feels like it is trying to hide under the one next to it!!!!. I also get cramp in both feet regularly but no sogginess that i can remember, what a weird disease.

oh, i get the feeling of ants climbing up my back to my shoulder too, strange sensation.
I recently got a feeling of ants crawling all over when waiting for my daughter at school. But that was because I was standing over an ants nest.