Strange feeling

My husband complains of a strange feeling which travels down his body from head to foot.
When it happens he looks so grey and I’ll and feels really ill.
Anybody experienced this please?

I get something similar. The problem with this symptom and others is often the difficulty in describing them, because it is so unlike anything else we have experienced.

Thank you Jane
My husband has experienced these for several years.
It happened a lot over Christmas and then nothing until today again.

Have you found a common trigger?.

Does it leave you feeling very unwell and tired?

Is it his blood pressure falling and causing the symptoms, sounds similar to my husband when BP drops and he loses all his colour and feels strange and out of it.

I get a similar feeling. I think it could be related to blood pressure drop. Does he feel a sense of feeling delicate and almost feeling overwhelmed?
I tend to get this after eating, moving or driving.
It may be worth checking his blood pressure when this happens.
Does he have an internal tremor also?
Happy to talk if needed further.

Thank you
He does have an internal tremor and experiences all the same things that you have mentioned
No medication seems to help to be honest
He looks so grey when all this happens

Also what meds are you on
My husband on co-cardelopa 12.5/50 5 times a day and one Amantadine a day and fludrocortizone

Hello KK1
I have found that the best thing for the internal tremor and the strange feeling is quality sleep and trying to avoid anxious moments or where there is a threat. Anxiety is a massive issue.
I am taking Sinemet 100/25 3 times a day and a slow release Sinemet tablet in the evening. The medication helps with some of the motor symptoms ie arm swing, but not the internal tremor.
With good sleep the internal tremor and strange feeling is less of a problem, but if I have an off day or poor sleep, it can be unmanageable and I have to rest all day.
Sleep has been improved by taking 30mg mirtazapine before bed.
I take1 mg of rasagaline in the morning also.
Does your husband have nightmares and/or REM sleep issues and/or visual problems?
Once again happy to discuss.

My father has had Parkinson’s for nearly 20 years now and has had this happen to him more recently. His is down to when he eats his blood pressure drops, especially if it’s a large meal he’s had. It’s been recommended for him to eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than a big lunch and dinner