Strange inner tremor - possible PD?

I'm 51 years old and over the last 5 months I have developed a few symptoms which are concerning me, and I would really appreciate an opinion from those on this board who know a lot more than me about this. My Symptoms are:

INNER TREMOR - It's usually concentrated in the back of my head and in my ears. always worse when I wake in the morning and sometimes disappear after an hour or two, sometimes not. Sometime I feel it in my chest. Feels like a vibration. It is often stronger after waking from a daytime nap too.

TINNITUS - a high pitched sound sometimes worse than other times. I can also hear the sound of the inner tremor when it's present. It's like a buffeting sound.

MALAISE - This started later than the other symptoms but has to be the worst one , it feels almost like a case of mild flu. It comes and goes, some days I feel normal and other days I don't have the energy or motivation to do anything.

BLADDER PROBLEMS - This is like an over active bladder, sudden urge to go. I am also aware of a general tightness in the groin area which can make it harder to go.

SLEEP PROBLEMS - can get to sleep no problem, but I wake up much earlier than I used to.

I have seen a neurologist who said the examination in his office was reassuringly normal and put it down to stress. However last week I had an MRI. I should get the result later this week.

I do have some anxiety about this and obviously I have to wait for the MRI result but having done some research I have wondered whether this could be early stage PD ?

I do have one further clue which may help. I have experienced the same inner tremors twice before, 4 and 2 years ago. Both times it was less intense than now and only lasted for about a month. Each time it only occurred upon waking in the morning. But I recognize it as exactly the same sensation. My understanding is that PD doesn't go into remission. So does this mean that the tremor I had in the past could not have been PD ?

Opinions would be very much appreciated !
Hi !
You will find a wide range of symptoms are Parkinson's. I attend a movement disorder clinic which sees a variety of different but related movement problems. I have a check list from the internet and find my wife (my carer and a non-sufferer) has more symptoms than I do. A few of which I have copied below and mant similar lists can be found easily by googling.

However the best diagnosis is the neurologist to sees many Parkinson's parients or a Parkinson's nurse. "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck."
A Datscan is often carried out (particularly if you have medical ins.) and gives a fuzzy map of the substantia nigra area of brain and indicates the low dopamine levels. Parkinson's is caused by the death of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra

A tremor when limb is relaxed (about 25% of patients, however, will not have a tremor)
Aching muscles
Blank expression or a change in facial expression (staring, lack of blinking)
Constipation or urinary urgency
Curling toes
Difficulty making decisions
Difficulty standing up (rising from seated position)
Difficulty swallowing (not swallowing food, but just saliva)
Excessive daytime sleepiness
Failure to swing one arm when walking
Flexion (stooped) posture
"Frozen" painful shoulder
Joint stiffness and pain
Limping or dragging of one leg
Loss of balance
Loss of sense of smell
Micrographia (small handwriting), and difficulty beginning handwriting
Muscle pain (not caused from exercise), primarily in the thighs
Numbness, tingling, achiness or discomfort of the neck or limbs
Random sharp pain in joints
Repetition of movement difficult in time such as drumming thumb / index finger
Short-term memory loss
Sleep disturbance, restlessness
Softness of the voice
Stiffness moving limbs
Strange sensations in hands
Subjective sensation of internal trembling
Symptoms on one side of the body
Walking on tiptoes

Take Care !

I have had several random symptoms coming and going from the above list. One of the first which was that 'internal trembling' you speak of which others cant see. I had it in my right leg and it is not the same as a normal tremble which is visible. I also had a feeling of being cold inside.

I don't get these symptoms so much now , they come and go. However one person's symptom is not necessarily anothers Parkinsons. It could be lots of things. Best to ask your GP.


These symptoms sound so much like mine. I wondered if you ever got a definitive

diagnosis and how your symptoms are now?

Thanks from someone struggling to get relevant help from their healthcare system.

Wow im awaiting to see neurologist in 3 weeks as ive had problems for about 6 years im 47 ive just looked at all of your symptoms and i have 22 of them im almost positive i have pd … ive had numerous tests and scans over 6 years but was told it was fibromyalgia which i didnt agree with as of my neurological issues which have worsened over time this actually reassures me so much as i was starting to believe i was going a bit crazy.