Strange smell of petrol

Hi everyone, I have been only been diagnosed with PD 9 months ago, and am copying ok.
However in the lasat 2 weeks I have noticed that I can constantly smell petrol, when others can't...very strange. Has anyone experienced similar?
Nothing like that Violet, but I am losing my sense of smell, which is common in Parky.
Hi, Violet.
Like Mosie, I have very little sense of smell; but like you, I can sometimes smell things that no-one else can. These are usually strong smells, such as detergent or burning. It's not a constant smell, but just a short time now and again. Think my nose is playing tricks on me...!
thank you for this. I am just slightly worried that my "phantom" smell is constant rather than periodic like yours...
Just before my diagnosis 2.5 years ago, I could constantly smell what I can only describe as 'dusty old furniture'. (Yes, it might have been real, but I don't get that smell now.)

By the way, Violetta, are you a soprano with an opera company begining with 'i', as in Violettaioc? If you're currently doing La Traviata, that will be an amazing coincidence!
thank you Lily, I will put the strange smell down to PD.
Sorry to dissapoint, but I'm no opera singer - Violetta is simply my middle name chosen by my dad.