Strange times


This is a very strange time for me: last Friday I finished a six-month temp contract, my first neuro appointment is next Tuesday, and on Wednesday I have a job interview. Obviously I need a job, but this particular one is exactly what I've wanted for some time now and I'm worried I'm going to really mess it up. And even if I don't, and I get offered the job, what state am I going to be in?

So many things to worry about, and of course stress and worry make me more anxious which makes my symptoms worse.

Any tips for staying positive?eek


Hi Tabbycat

My advice is deal with one thing at a time. Like you, I went for another job shortly after diagnosis which I got! I was so pleased, it boosted my confidence no end!

I have told my new employer about my PD and they have been great! It was such a relief to be open about it. I am enjoying my new position and try not to worry about if my symptoms change for the worse. I take one day at a time and let the future take care of itself, no point in worrying about about what may be...from my understanding PD is slow in progression (I hope!) when my situation changes I'll deal with it then.

Staying positive is the key, enjoy life and try not to worry! ( I know, easier said than done!)



Hi Tabbycat . Welcome 

i would see how it goes on tues with neuro . He may make a diagnosis then or he may want you to have more tests . It would then be up to you whether you want to tell them anything at the interview . I don't know if I would at this stage if its not confirmed . I may be wrong someone may correct me but I don't think you are obliged to tell them anyway . However you may want to . 

I would take one day at a time . Try not to think about getting the job and messing it up if you're not well . Medication hopefully will help considerably with any symptoms . 

I run my own clinic which is within a large building . There are a few clinics there . I have told the people I work with and they have been so supportive . I do not want it to be common knowledge amongst my patients though . I want to carry on working for as long as I can . I enjoy going to work - it's a distraction too . At the moment with the help of the meds I am able to do my job . Best wishes for coming week . 


Thanks both.

I've already decided I won't  tell my new employer (when I have one!). The job I'm going for is temp to perm so I will really have to prove that I'm good enough to stay. My age (52) and the fact that there's so much competition for jobs at the moment is already enough against me without adding any health problems.

I've been to the gym this morning and feel better for it. Now I just want to get tomorrow over with - I've thought of little else for the past two months.


Well, I wasn't too impressed with the neurologist. He seemed to fix on my tremor and said that it didn't seem too noticeable (annoyingly, it wasn't as bad today) rather than other symptoms which affect me more.

The upshot is that he wants me to have two scans (I'm assuming one's an MRI and the other is a DAT scan but he didn't go into detail), but that won't happen for a couple of months.

In the meantime there's nothing I can do about the problems I have walking (he kept asking how far I can walk - for me it's not how far but how difficult it is) or the restless legs I get when sitting at a desk (which affect my work quite badly).

I realise it's his job to diagnose, maybe I just wanted some empathy or something.