Stress at work


I really need some advice and help please.  I am finding it difficult at work and my boss has blocked my Occupational Health referral twice over the last year, for a medical assessment to guide us both on what I should and shouldnt be expected to do at work. I have a stressful job and finally she has agreed to the referral but has told me it will take a few weeks for the initial assessment. This week I was asked to cover another job which is well known to be a very stressful role. I asked for support the night before and was assured this would be put in place. I was left from 9am to 14.00 with no direct support from my manager. By this time I had also taken on another job as we were so busy. I have a tremor in my arm and leg and the extreme stress I was under caused me to start shaking badly, I couldnt concentrate and slowed down without being able to do anything about it. The customers started noticing and I sent 2 messages to ask for help, saying I wasnt too good. No-one came to help me. This message appears on all the computers in the office and my manager denied seeing them. I  eventually had to leave all I was doing as I was so unwell. My colleagues were appalled by the treatment I received. I want to carry on doing my job, but my boss is making it so difficult for me. I have had several meetings with her, given her information from this website to help her understand my illness. Any ideas how I can stop her being like this towards me? I hope no-one else has experienced this, but if you have your help would be gratefully received.


I think the technical term is "bullying" for what you are having to put up with .  Please ring the PD UK helpline

above.  They have staff with specialist knowledge in medical, workplace and wellfare matters.

Hi Nocksy

Eileenpatricia is absolutely right. Please do ring our helpline at 0808 800 0303.