Stress help


Long before i had PD I found a great source of helping me with my nerves

Dr.Abraham low founded Recovery 1937.Intialy it helped many who had been diagnosed with a mental aliment.If worked if patients cooperated.

Ill bring up one of the many hundred of points to help you.

He said daily life is full of frustrations regardless,PD of course ia disease but the events that surround it can be dealt with by choosing our attitude.Events can be either outer or inner .We can't control others and we can't control our feelings and sensations.We can control our thoughts and impulses

Often after sitting Im very stiff and feel awful sometimes for awhile when i get up.But I do know relief always comes when I ignore these symptoms and get moving again

When people don't always respond to my liking I also know that it is just another event  which I can view in a way as not harmful to me or others.

So when any events come your way just say ,oh just another fleeting moment,nothing to make of importance.haha


john and

correcton on the web site should be ,Rose Van sickel is the author and a very good friend