Stressful environments

I've done the same job for 25 years it's technical but it's in a warehouse environment. About 5!years ago 2 of the warehouse staff started playing their radios very loud. It got so bad I couldn't concentrate on my job so I asked them to turn them down, they wouldn't so I went to see the manager who said I was being unreasonable! As the weeks passed I started feeling unwell working in this environment & one day I took a hammer to them. After being told I was lucky not to loose my job new radios where handed out and the music has got louder. I am by nature a placid person and believe in live and let live. During the last few years working in this environment I've devolved a tremor in my right hand. My right arm no longer swings when I walk & my arm is getting stiffer each day, I'm finding it harder to do the kob I've always done most of my life. Can this stress caused or advanced my Parkinsons ?


Hi Harris

Best to visit your GP to get a proper diagnosis to see if this is PD or just mental stress which can effect the body and mind in mysterious ways. Anything is possible.

How disturbing for you to have to endure someone else's taste of music and especially loudly, no one should have to put up with that, I think even the sanest of people would not be able to cope. The response from your manager should have been reported to someone higher up the ladder or else an organisation that deals with this sort of work related situation, I'm sure you should never have to have tolerated that, with all the rules and regulations in place.


Take care and hope you get some sort of satisfaction in your plight - Sheffy

Thanks Sheffy I work for a multinational company bit things like this seem to get overlooked in the 'BIG PLAN' your words comfort me


Your welcome Harris, the trouble with big multinational firms all protocol for workers goes out the window!  

Hope you get sorted out soon............

Regards Sheffy

'Took a hammer to them'

When you're able to give up work a super soaker water gun .........

Sorry you've got to this stage. PD drugs can remove inhibitions and you may do something you've been able to control up to now...

What did your specialist say about the hammer incident?