Stubberness of researchers

This is what I was talking about earlier in another thread. The stubberness of researches. You only hear researcher talk about beta amyloid in Alzheimer research. But look at this article. The focus on Tau. Progression was halted with 90 % !!! And still, you hardly find this in the headlines. If it would have been some med that removed beta amyloid then headlines would go crazy for it. I seriously wonder why this is. This looks like they found a cure for alzheimer. If you combine this with the neurotrophic stem cells used by Brainstorm, you can basically say that a cure for Alzheimer has been found.

This LMXT stops progression with 90 %. This basically means that with this med when you have 9 years Alzheimer you are like if you would have Alzheimer for 1 year. If after this 9 years you get some stem cells from Brainstorm injected in your memory area, they can totally fix you and you are like new again.

The good thing about LXMT is that at the end of the article they claim it could also possibly arrest Parkinsons. And again, if you combine this therapy with Stemm Cells from Brainstorm, people with Parkinson's disease can be completely fixed.
According to their web site, the original drug was poorly tolerated by some patients. A drug company, especially a small biotech, wouldn't go ahead with such a compound with the chance that the 1 in 100,000 who developed serious side effects would sue them for millions..........So they spent time and money developing a more specific, potent molecule.........
Could be a valid point. But still ... it seems like a compound that works. If there is one thing we can state for sure after their results, then it is that tau removal seems way more promising for Alzheimer than beta amyloid. The best would probably be a mix of both. But scientist only speak about beta amyloid. A few weeks ago I read an article that was published over the entire world as a big breakthrough. People with a specific set of genes that lead them to have low amounts of beta amyloid didn't get Alzheimer. The end of the article stated something like "This shows the scientific community that the beta amyloid path is not wrong and that we still can have hope to find a cure for alzheimer.". It is like for some reason scientist just want beta amyloid to be the number 1 culprit.

I am not saying it is not the initiator. It could well be that it starts the whole process. But Tau Therapautix shows us that in order to cure Alzheimer, we should follow the tau path. And maybe their agent is not well tolerated by some patients. But then we try to find another agent that removes tau. Problem solved. But it is this stubbernes to keep going for the beta amyloid that really really irritates me. The go against the principles of science.

I hope the PD community learns from the mistakes from the Alzheimer community. Leave the stubberness aside and just focus on the results of the experiments.
I forgot something ... tau does to Alzheimer patients what A-synuclein does to Parkinsons patients. At least that is what I got from reading many papers. So my guess is that an agent removing a-syn could stop PD progression with similar percentage.