Student product designer

Hello, I'm new to this so bear with me! I am a GCSE student and as part of my design course we have to make a prototype to fit a brief and mine was a product for the kitchen to aid people with grip or grasp problems. I immediately thought of Parkinson's because my cousin has done a number of marathons for Parkinson's UK and its something close to our family's heart. I would love any feedback you can give whether you are a PD care giver or sufferer. It's just a food tray with a bowl and a section for cutlery so any improvements you could suggest or feedback on good sections would be beyond fantastic. Please click on the link below to view a picture

thank you

Hi JoJo99 

You might find that you should have a recess for a drinking vessel.  Many PWP's (People with Parkinsons) have difficulty with swallowing.  I personally always have to drink every other mouthful to swallow food down.and this was the case long before diagnosis.  Perhaps if you explain the rationale for the design so far it would help, e.g. why the Perspex (?) curved sides.


Best wishes

Thanks eilleenpatricia! That's great feedback. The idea is that the product isn't just functional but it also looks nice, not just like its is designed for people with a special need like many others on the market at the moment (that is the reason for the Perspex and the engravings). I wanted it to be bespoke because why shouldn't PWP have a beautiful product that also works? I am aware however that some aspects of the design may miss needs of PWP and that's why it's so important to ask this forum, so it means a lot :)

The other recess I would fit is one for cutlery as pwp often have balance issues.

I like the design though it is smart.


Thanks bettyblue that's fabulous feedback!