Stupid Legs

My stupid legs are getting worse every day. My walking looks like I'm drunk and I get some strange looks lol. Using my stick helps don't get so many funny looks when I use that. I try and excercise but it is very difficult. Stupid Legs, stupid Parkinsons!!

If it is of any comfort I get exactly the same thing. Then I think that others take me for a lazy git!

PD a bit of a bugger init!:frowning:

I know the feeling. Sometimes I'm not so much walking as dragging myself along. Muscular stiffness is the cause. I find swimming helps to ease things, although the effect is only temporary. As I always say, if this is Parkinson's Disease I think we aught to let him have it back.

I find it a real treat at the local gym to walk on a sprung floor, it gives me that little bit of lift, I feel so much better, I straighten up, All I have to do now is convince the local council........................

exercise can be tuff on us,but honestlty its the best thing for walking is terrible to,but exercising can be done sitting down in a wheelchair,or standing up with surport.there are gyms now that the gp puts you on a programe ,with help from staff.getting motivated and it will make you feel more positive as well.:smile:

I'm having the same problem. I find using crutches the easiest way to walk upright - my physio tried me with a stick but my arm shook too much for it to give me any support. I've asked my husband for some purple crutches with silent feet for my birthday.

I was talking to the physio about this yesterday - my head hasn't got used to the small steps and my upper body seems to still be geared up to moving much further and it seems to make me lurch a lot. It is really annoying.

Snap! It get worse when I get tired. With regard to a stick, I use it in the opposite hand and I believe it helps with my rhythm to walk. A form of exercise that works for me is cycling on my bike 'Penny' She makes me feel young again.....particularly down hill!

Hello cags3 I also have stupid legs, they are so stupid they actually try to swap sides this of course is not going to happen any day soon, but they have in
their pathetic attempts caused me to go a..e over elbow, one attack by my right leg
ended up with me in casualty at 2.00am as you can see I also suffer at times with
idiot hands, they simply refuse to tow the line and I am struggling weth theeese
posed, eye ave tride 2 fix them by plunging theeem into coald warter to no avail
I wiiiil av 2 goe arsethey ar bee coming inpasseble.
rearguards defex