Subcutaneous Apomorphine

My father-in-law has had parkinsons for over 20 years and it is now very advanced.
He has been having 24 hr apomorphine for some time and due to the nodules under his skin the drug is not being absorbed as well.
Does anyone have any experience of this? GP cannot help and they are at a loss as what to do next.
Many thanks
hi malllets, this may sound like a stupid question but when the old needle is taken out is the site used massaged after use its just a thought probably has been massaged but worth a try. sue.
Hi, my husband has been using the apomorphine pump for 24 hrs for some years now and we change it at 8am and 8pm daily. The site must be rubbed for up to 3 minutes when the old needle is taken out and I alternate the site each change. Upper leg, upper leg then tummy anywhere under the belly button. The lumps under the skin are caused by a build up of meds so need to be distributed. Good luck from Mols
Hello my husband was on the apo pump for fifteen years firstly just 12 hours during the day then 24 hours. We always alternated sides of is tummy below the belly button but after constant use the nodules do become more difficult to remove but as previously said a good massage should help a lot. In the end we had an ultra sound machine via the physio and I used that twice a day it helps some people but not others.I hope you get something sorted out.
best wishes