Successful pip change


After being on DLA for 6 yrs on high rate mobility we were told to apply for PIP. 

We applied in November and after a face to face medical assessment my husband scored 0 and was turned down, they also, very kindly told us they would be taking our car from us!

I was told to send in a reconsideration letter, which I did, and after nearly a month and 2 weeks before we had to give the car back we have been told that they have awarded him the standard rate daily living and the enhanced rate of mobility!

Thankfully it has ended well for us, but I just find it absolutely disgusting how people are being treated! We have been worried sick about this for the last 6 months, as we would not have coped without a car. Apart from that why should we have to beg for help? Why should people have to prove how sick they really are? 

I also find the medical assessments totally unfit for people with Parkinson's and some other medical conditions! Something needs to be done about the way these assessments are carried out, I have read so many stories about things that were not included in people's reports, and other vital information simply not being noted!!

If you are in this position do not give up, we certainly felt like it! Keep fighting and get what you deserve!


I'm with you 110%, still waiting to hear myself but I feel exactley the same. Well done......strange in a way that we say that lol


I'm glad that you had a positive outcome. May I ask how long since diagnosis??  and when you appllied for and went on DLA ?

Just interested in the timescale after diagnosis  that maybe PIP assessments take into consideration and if they realilse that  every PWP progresses at a different rate.


Good luck and don't give up! Are you on your first appeal? 



Hi, my husband was diagnosed in 2009 and has had the highest rate mobility for 6 yrs. He had DBS 2yrs ago to help control his tremor but his other symptoms are so bad he will be having another DBS to try and help.

I have no idea why he was turned down for PIP the first time, my guess is it's the wonderful way they carry out the assessments as they initially awarded him zero!


I would say apply because if you consider how PD affects your daily life it does not matter how long you have been diagnosed everyone is so different, progress at different rates and in different ways so apply. Myself I was diagnosed just over 10 years ago but did not apply for DLA for at least 5 years when things began to bite, I was tuned down on my first application but received high rate mobility and low care then when I had to transfer to PiP I lost my care component and received standard mobility and hence lost my mandatory reconsideration did not change the outcome and I was fed up and stressed out by it I left it until I felt I really should do something about it and currently just waiting to hear.  Best of luck x


It is a nightmare having to go through the DLA to PIP change as you hear so many horror stories.


My husband has had DLA (High mobility and Low care) since 2004. His health etc has got worse in the last 3 years, so we decided it is time for enhanced support and applied for PIP rather than waiting on the letter to do so.


On applying via DWP phone line we had the girl say its better to remain with the life DLA until the switch over letter comes. I was shocked at this and told her that it is their policy for us to contact them if things change. She asked if they can use the DLA paperwork they have on record which I have agreed to, but expressed that he is now a lot worse since this was completed.


Now got the PIP forms to complete and it is a lot to fill out and unsure how to do this, but will get there.



Hi Katty - Try your local citizens advice bureau or if you have a parkinsons adviser you can contact to help you to complete the forms, or even phone the helpline number at the top of the page for advice, it's easier than trying  figure out how do it on your own

Good luck - Sheila


Hi Katty,

When I had to write an appeal letter I looked online and found exactly what you get scored on, I then went through every section of this explaining what my husband can't do!

It is also better, apparently, to say "always" rather than sometimes you can't do something! 

I did this because he had been scored 0! Even though he has already had 1 brain Op (DBS) and is due to have another one as his symptoms are so bad!

Good luck, don't give up!

Sarah x 


Hi All

Yesterday I received my PIP's assessment result informing me that I no longer qualify for the high rate mobility and that I have been down graded to the standard rate.  This despite the fact that I have had the DLA  high rate mobility for the past 9 years.  (DLA was awarded indefinitely but this doesn't seem to matter).   I am stressed out and can't think straight.  What should I write in the mandatory reconsideration notice?  Unfortunately I do not have a copy of my original application as the person who helped me fill in the forms forgot to take a copy! 

The letter stated:

Planning and following a journey     -   0 points

Moving around                                  -  10 points


Moving around states - "you can stand and then move using an aid or appliance more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres"  -  this is not so.  I can't stand still  for more than 10 seconds as I  feel    I will fall down. Can't wait in queues at check-outs for this reason.  As for walking I think up to 10 metres is a more accurate distance. As for planning a journey - if it's somewhere new to me I have to take someone with me to do a dummy run or I wouldn't be able to go without doing this.  I need constant reassurance.

I know many  PWP have had big problems transferring to PIP's so I am hoping that someone may be able to help me through their own experiences. 

Many thanks.







Hi Powrie,

I'm really sorry about the news that you have been downgraded to the standard rate. Hopefully other members can share their valuable experience to help you write the mandatory reconsideration notice, but remember that you can also call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 for help with this. Try not to get too stressed if you can, as this will not help you in the day-to-day management of your Parkinson's. Rest assured that there is help available, so please call the helpline or contact your local adviser for support with this.

Best wishes,
Mara (Moderation team) 



Many thanks Mara.  I am trying to get my head round things today.  I need time to think about all this and then hopefully make a start on what I will put in the reconsideration letter.