Sucking teeth

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone has a solution (no more drugs pls) to my annoying painful problem..

When I'm in my off mode I find that I unconsciously force my tongue against my lower front teeth, then I start sucking my tongue/teeth, producing excessive saliva, sore tongue,difficulty with speech and drooling.....

Any help appreciated :smile:

Stalevo 150mg 6+ a day
Selegiline 10mg 1 a day (am)
Sinemet CR 250mg 1 a day (bedtime)
Citalopram 40mg 1 a day (bedtime)
Warfarin 3mg 1 a day
Mepradec 10mg 1 a day
Hi Asyr
We have a couple of information sheets which may be of some help. They don't specifically mention sucking teeth but they both discuss saliva control which you discussed.
• Eating, swallowing and saliva control
• Dental and oral health in Parkinson's

Hope this is useful.
Top tips from a former dentist with PD...why not try a gumshield can get a cheap version from any sports shop or pay around £30 at the dentist.Pop it on when you feel your meds wearing off.It will stop the teeth rubbing/sore tongue and may help the other symptoms from starting up. You can easily remove when meds start working again. Another alternative is orthodontic wax.This can be bought from any orthodontist (dental braces)practice for around £3 over the counter.Its used to put on teeth and braces when they are rubbing but could easily be used on the top or back of your front teeth to help.It can be flicked off with your finger...really easy to use. Let us know how it goes...

Hi Asyr/Others,

Did anyone come up with a good resolution here? Did the gumshield work?

Thanks for any help!