Sudden decline in mental health

Hi everyone.Just wondering if anyone out there
has had experience of this.My mum is 83 years old and has had Parkinsons for seven years,I am her full time carer.She manages very well for her age and condition,I see to her basic everyday needs.she lives alone downstairs in her livingroom,I see her everyday.At night she gets by …with me ringing her to remind to take medication.Her mobility has got worse over the years…but she gets around quite adequately using wheeled walker.
She was admitted to hospital for ten days with appendicitis,and treated with antibiotics.
Me and the children went to live with her when she was discharged till she regained her mobility.
Early on during my stay I noticed a decline in her mental health… changes that she wouldn’t normally do.I told the Rapid Response team that she is under since being discharged.when I came to leave and go back to my house…she became anxious and tried to get out the door saying uncharacteristic things.Since Monday she has rung the ambulance 3 times,the police,care on call numerous occasions for things like not being able to close the window…she’s been out in the street hanging on the the rail refusing to come inside…and shoutong for random neighbours she hardly know…she is obsessed with the window being open and being outside,and is particularly not trusting of me(all incredibly uncharacteristic)…She is also consumed with counting of keys and hiding them…culminating in ringing an ambulance again.they have admitted her as a vulnerable adult.
Her scheduled routine parkinson appt is not till 26th May. The past two weeks I’ve told the professionals my concern including the GP.
Does anybody have any advice for me if they discharge her in terms of support and care for her.
Thank You.x

Hi @dollylancaster and welcome back to the forum. It’s good to see you here again.

Your mum’s situation is understandably worrying. Mental health issues are quite complex and People with Parkinson’s can experience many symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, depression, and dementia. I’d encourage you to explore our website at You’ll find information there on many mental health issues, including what you can do for yourself while caring for your mum.

I’m sure other members will have stories to share with you. While you wait for your mum’s appointment, you can also speak to a Parkinson’s nurse. An adviser from our help desk can arrange this for you. Just call them on 0808 300 0303.

Best wishes,
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Hi @ dollyancaster
Sorry to hear about the hard time you are going through at the moment.
As mum was in hospital for 10 days , it would be worth to check for infections especially urine infections. Elderly people shows behavioural changes when they have infections. It also sounds like delirium as well. As mum had surgery if there is electrolyte imbalances, dehydration or infection can cause delirium. I would suggest to speak with gp and arrange investigations then hospitalization if needed. Hope there is no change has been made on her Parkinson’s medications whilst in hospital. Make sure she is well hydrated and eating a healthy diet also.
Hope things will get better soon.

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Thank You JaniceP

Thank You Tinku x

Hi Dolly
My father currently in hospital after breaking a hip and is experiencing decline in mental health whilst there. He’s usually lucid but is very confused and not all with it. It happened last time too (other broken hip!) Doctors say it is difficult to tell whether it’s a result of the trauma of accident/being in hospital, post surgery delirium, dehydration, or a combination. Definitely get water infection checked as someone else said.
Last time this happened when my dad got home there was a vast improvement and he was almost back to usual self after a week of being home. Hope it’s the same this time and I hope for your mum also you can pinpoint the issue and she recovers. You would think that since it’s so clearly linked to the hospital visit she will recover given time, hope so :slight_smile: Naomi

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Hi Naomi
Glad to hear your dad is doing better since coming out of hospital.
My mum seems to be doing alot better too,they have taken her off quite a few of her medications which can cause some problems with confusion.
Take care and best wishes.