Sudden onset of anxiety-like symptoms (on a clear day)

At the beginning of this year I was taking 10 x 61/245mg Rytary daily. In February or March I was driving home from work and my posture changed to slightly “hunched-over”, breathing became shallow and my left chest ached. (It was the kind of ache I used to get in college when taking a mid-term test). I went to ER thinking perhaps my heart was having a problem. EKG was fine. These same symptoms started hitting me regularly (almost daily) thereafter, around 2 or 3 PM (at work).
My was body was behaving as if I was emotionally stressed, but I wasn’t. It seems to be a chemically-induced “anxiety” (for lack of a better word).
My Neurologist (who switched me over from Sinemet CR to Rytary 1yr prior) didn’t seem very familiar with the symptoms and, at first, prescribed an anti-depressant (which I did not take). Next she prescribed a med to help “regulate” serotonin.

Covid19 came and I started working at home late April. I started taking less Rytary and sleeping more and the anxiety-attacks have practically stopped.

A physician (on other PD site) reports “dozens” of patients experiencing this - and blames it on Rytary. I thought Rytary was, basically, carbidopa/levodopa, so why would Rytary be more apt to cause problems(?) (Perhaps Rytary goes on releasing carbidopa/levodopa even when we don’t need it(?))

I’d be interested in hearing from others who have experienced these anxiety-like “spells”, especially if you have information on what causes them.



That sounds like a very stressful time, I’m glad to hear your anxiety attacks have practically stopped now. I’m sure other members here will have experiences they can share, but in the meantime, if you’d like to find out more, we have lots of information about anxiety on our website:

If you start to experience these symptoms again or have more concerns, you can also give our helpline a call and speak to one of our advisers about what you’re going through so they can offer you more support on this. Give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
James, Moderation Team

Hi James, Yes thanks. Don’t know if you read my post but I’m not experiencing a general anxiety. No fear, or worry, that’s why I said “not emotionally stressed”.

It seems to be a “chemically” induced physical reaction. That’s why, (FAIK) serotonin depletion (suggested by Neurologistz) could make sense.

I know other people have experienced this and I wonder if they also use Rytary.