Sudden physical deline

My dad is 90 and may have had PD for some time know how it doesn't announce it's arrival with a fanfare but tends to creep up. He has been doing very well. A determined soul who exercises everyday and maintains quite a pragmatic and positive attitude.

today I was saddened to hear that his mobility seemed to escape him. From last evening he suddenly became very weak, couldn't get up from the chairs and needed to use a frame to get any where. This morning he couldn't get out of bed or dress with out help.

Has anyone else had such a sudden and unexpected decline in function? Is if part of the ongoing decline or might it be a temporary blip?

any answers, opinions or experiences gratefully received





I get this often it can be very upsetting you can have a really good morning and then that happens out of the blue its really upseting then next morning all different again