Suffering with hallucinations

Hi I would just like to ask if anyone else have had shadows from the corner of the eyes or hallucinating quite often. It is not there all the time but my husband seems to be seeing them more often, than he has for a while, but can’t find out a lot about it. Optitician says it could be that Parkinson’s affects the muscles of the eyes and it could be you see something out of the corner of your eye but when your eye gets there it’s gone because of the slow movement of the muscles. Have anyone heard of anything like this happening to them

Hi, it’s been a long time since posting on here, but I was scanning through and just wanted to say I have similar symptoms. I am aware of something or someone n my peripheral vision, but when turning my head in that direction there is no one there this normally happens only when sitting quietly mainly in evening when watching tv. It doesn’t bother or frighten me, it’s not scary, I’ve started thinking of them as my angels looking after me and no I’m not mad. As long as it’s not frightening or becoming too distracting to me I’ve decided to live with it as meds’ are doing their job and to change meds and settle with something different takes such a long time and may not be as successful.